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CFP: Fifth Summer Academy of Atlantic History

"Connecting and Globalizing the Atlantic"

28 September – 1 Oktober 2017

CFP: 2017 International Conference on Cross-Cultural Studies

"Intercultural Adaptation, Globalization, and Risk"

6 - 7 Oktober 2017


































Lehrveranstaltungen SS 2017





41101: American Literature and Culture III: Modernism, Mayer


41104: Edgar Allan Poe - Renaissance Man, Schmidt

41105: “The End of Something”: Narratives of Modernist Fragmentation, Schmidt

4114A: Contemporary American Diasporic Writing, Tabur

41146: Multiethnic American Short Stories, Tabur



4110B:  Reckless, O Soul: The Poetry of Walt Whitman, Cortiel

4117I:  Englishes in North America, Bieswanger

41107: Cultural Theories and Research Methods - Reading Contemporary American Television, Cortiel

41108: Utopia and Apocalypse in America: Imagining the Future from Puritanism to Bernie Sanders, Cortiel

41109: “Globalism, Eco-collapse, and the (Post-)Human: Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake and David Brin’s Earth”, Mayer

41111: Southern Gothic, Schmidt



41102: BA Research Seminar - Serial Storytelling: Science Fiction Television and Comics, Cortiel

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