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Wintersemester 2018/19Einklappen


41101: Introduction to American Literary and Cultural Studies, Tabur

41104: Introduction to American Literary and Cultural Studies, Mayer

41105: Englische/Amerikanische Literaturwissenschaft (Amerikanische Literatur), Mayer41126: Schreiben und Präsentieren, Cortiel


41125: Survey Lecture American Literary and Cultural History II: The Nineteenth Century, Cortiel


41122: Documents in American History: From the Early Republic to the Guilded Age, Horn

41134: American Short Stories, Tabur

41136: Transnational Fears: Gothic Fiction in England and the US, Horn


41123: Deep Time - Transcultural Space: Reading American Cultures, Cortiel

41124: The Last Man - Narratives of Human Extinction, Cortiel

41128: Reading Contemporary Popular Film, Cortiel

51150: Language and Culture in the American South, Mühleisen

Sommersemester 2018Einklappen


41101: Survey American Literary and Cultural History I: “Colonial Period and Early Republic,” Mayer


00980: The Challenges of Intersectionality: Race and Gender in German and American Literature and Culture, Rauscher

41104: The Beat Generation, Klestil

41105: “Uncle Sam Wants You:” War in American Literature and Culture, Spychala


41109: Space, Place, Migration in the Contemporary American Novel, Mayer

41112: Women’s Writing in the late 19th Century, Horn

Wintersemester 2017/18Einklappen


Schreiben und Präsentieren The Craft of Research in the Humanities, Cortiel

Introduction to American Literary and Cultural Studies, Mayer

Englische/Amerikanische Literaturwissenschaft: Amerikanische Literatur, Mayer


Survey American Literary and Cultural History, Cortiel


Asia and the Alien: Techno-Orientalism in Contemporary American Popular Fiction, Gan

Narratives of Slavery in African American Literature, Klestil

Contemporary Science Fiction Television at the Frontier, Müller

The Global Spread of English: History, Varieties, Contexts, Mühleisen


Beyoncé: Text, Music, Performance - Interdisciplinary Seminar, Cortiel and Knaus

Cultural Theories and Research Methods: Reading Contemporary Popular Film, Cortiel

Cultural and Literary Theory, Cortiel

Translation Theory: Language Variation and Postcolonial Translation, Mühleisen

American Drama After World War II: Arthur Miller, Mayer

Sommersemester 2017Einklappen


41101: American Literature and Culture III: Modernism, MayerProseminare

41104: Edgar Allan Poe - Renaissance Man, Schmidt

41105: “The End of Something”: Narratives of Modernist Fragmentation, Schmidt

4114A: Contemporary American Diasporic Writing, Tabur

41146: Multiethnic American Short Stories, Tabur


4110B:  Reckless, O Soul: The Poetry of Walt Whitman, Cortiel

4117I:  Englishes in North America, Bieswanger

41107: Cultural Theories and Research Methods - Reading Contemporary American Television, Cortiel

41108: Utopia and Apocalypse in America: Imagining the Future from Puritanism to Bernie Sanders, Cortiel

41109: “Globalism, Eco-collapse, and the (Post-)Human: Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake and David Brin’s Earth”, Mayer

41111: Southern Gothic, Schmidt


41102: BA Research Seminar - Serial Storytelling: Science Fiction Television and Comics, Cortiel

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Univ.Prof.Dr. Sylvia Mayer

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