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BIFAS promotes and coordinates research activities with a focus on North America and the Caribbean. Projects originate in single disciplines or are interdisciplinary in character. In both cases the goal is to create synergies through cooperation between the disciplines.

BIFAS research concretizes in international conferences, publications, and individual and joint projects.

PhD Theses (current)Hide
  • Bérard, Julien: “Kartographisches Wissen und Wissensvermittlung in der Frühen Neuzeit am Beispiel Abraham Ortelius”
  • Büttcher, Lukas: “Narrating the Anthropocene: Globalization and Environmental Risk in U.S. American Climate Change Narratives”
  • Gan, Lu: “The Imagination of Posthuman Bodies in Contemporary American Dystopian Novels”
  • Foltinek, Selina. "Knowledge Production and Negotiations of Agency in Semi-Autobiographical Fiction about Female Same-Sex Relationships"
  • Knirim, Alexander: “'An alle teutsche Einwohner der Provintz Pennsylvanien': deutschsprachige Druckerzeugnisse im Britisch-Nordamerika des 18. Jahrhunderts und die Konstruktion einer deutschsprachigen Community”
  • Krstic, Marija: “Petroculture in the American Novel”
  • Müller, Sebastian: “Neo-Frontier Spaces in Contemporary American Science Fiction Television Series”
  • Oehme, Laura: “Risk Technologies and Global Catastrophe in Contemporary American Graphic Narrative”
  • Ofori-Amoafo, Marian: “Spatiality, Mobility, and Identity Formation in Contemporary Anglophone Novels of Slave History”
PhD Theses (completed)Hide
  • 2014
    Claudia Deetjen: „Re-Imagining Nature’s Nation: Native American and Native Hawaiian Literature, Environment, and Empire”
    Christian Schmidt: „Postblack Aesthetics: The Freedom to Be Black in Contemporary African-American Fiction“ (Dissertations-Förderpreis der Bayerischen Amerika; Lilli Bechmann-Rahn Preis der FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)
  • 2016
    Şemsettin Tabur: „Reading for Space: Contested Spaces in Contemporary North American Novels”
  • 2017
    Matthias Klestil: „Reading Green in Black: Environmental Knowledge, Race, and African American Literature, 1830s to 1920s” (Dissertationspreis der Stadt Bayreuth 2018)2016
  • 2020
    Sebastian Müller: "Neo-Frontier Spaces in Contemporary American Science Fiction Television Series"

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